Dedication to excellence and client satisfaction drives Mulkey Enterprises. This dedication is evident in a general contractor client base that has employed our services on a continuous basis for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on accurate and value engineered estimating, proactive project management, highly experienced project supervision and extensive financial and logistical business analysis.

The success of Mulkey Enterprises depends on providing owners and contractors with personal and professional ethics, enhanced work efforts and a focus on perfection. We strive to set and produce a high standard of excellence for our office professionals and field personnel. Members of the Mulkey team are dedicated to serving our business partners and each other as evidenced by the following:

  • Combined office and field turnover rate of less than 3 percent.
  • An average tenure of 14 years for current office employees
  • An average tenure of 10 years for current field employees.
  • Officers, estimators, project managers and administrative personnel have an average of 21 years service in the construction industry.

  • Division 5: Metals
  • Division 7: Thermal and Air/Moisture Protection
  • Division 9:  Finishes

Wall Framing

Exterior and interior wall framing is typically the largest portion of framing work on a project. Mulkey Enterprises prides itself on its ability to help the general contractor drive a project during this portion of the schedule.

  • Efficient and coordinated exterior wall construction allows the building to be dried-in more quickly, and releases veneer installation sooner.

  • Skilled layout in conjunction with experienced installation gets interior walls up faster. This pushes overhead rough-in and opens up more area for in-wall rough-in.

Ceiling/Soffit Framing

Architects continue to design new applications of cold-formed steel framing. Nowhere else is this seen more than in regard to ceilings and soffits. Mulkey Enterprises has constructed projects such as hospitals, schools, churches and performing arts centers. As a result of this experience, Mulkey Enterprises has built a wide variety of intricate ceiling types.

  • Exterior soffits and ceilings are often a mixture of engineered performance and architectural intent. With the support of highly experienced cold-formed engineers, our field personnel will deliver a product that’s beautiful, sustainable, and ready for veneer.

Roof Framing

As more building designers move away from wood framed roofs to metal framed roofs, Mulkey Enterprises has had the opportunity to expand its experience with both metal stud trusses as well as proprietary shape trusses.

  • Our managers, with design, fabrication, and installation experience are able to work through the submittal process faster and get material on-site when it’s needed.

  • Roof dry-in is typically a critical path scope. Mulkey Enterprises will work with the general contractor to develop a schedule and logistics plan that will fit the needs of the project dry-in date.

Thermal and Acoustical

Knowledge of various types of insulation methods and materials and a proven track record is a key to maximum thermal and acoustic separation. In most cases, the insulation must work in conjunction with the framing and sheathing surrounding it. Mulkey Enterprises has the knowledge, experience and attention to detail to guarantee an envelope of specified R-values and STC ratings.

  • A smooth transition from framing and R/I to hanging and finishing can add days to a building schedule. Mulkey offers a single source for framing, insulation, hanging and finishing which can eliminate lag time resulting from insulation remobilization.

  • Having built many high rise residential buildings, hospitals and an impressive list of arts centers gives Mulkey Enterprises an extensive knowledge of acoustical separation.

    Air/Moisture Protection

    Water intrusion is one of the largest liabilities in today’s construction. With prodigious experience in hospital and high rise residential construction, Mulkey Enterprises has the expertise to assure general contractors that the small details will be handled correctly.

  • Most commonly asked for are sealed and taped sheathing joints in conjunction with a fully taped building wrap. Mulkey Enterprises is competent in installing the first two barriers against weather.

  • Coordinate of veneer flashing details with weather barrier systems can be daunting. Mulkey Enterprises has installed the back-up for all veneers including but not limited to brick, stucco, siding and metal panels.

    Exterior Finish Insulation System

    While Mulkey Enterprises does not self perform EIFS and stucco finishes, frequently we are contracted to include this scope of work. Working with a specialty contractor, we can assure the general contractor that building access, construction details and construction scope will be smooth and all encompassing.


Finishing is the final step to produce a quality product and also speaks to the excellence of the overall system. Mulkey Enterprises produces quality finishing in the most efficient time possible.

Drywall Finishing

Mulkey’s commitment to superior finishing lies within its group of dedicated finishing superintendents who are knowledgeable with products and finishes.

  • Drywall substrates are the bridge between framing and finishing. Experience with installation various board types can make finishing easier. Mulkey has experience with all board types including, but not limited to tile backer, fiberglass-faced, hi—impact, sound dampening and lead lined.

  • Mulkey offers level 3 to level 5 finishing. Whether sprayed or hand applied, Mulkey can provide various types of textured or skimmed finishes including direct application to concrete. Mulkey is also skilled with unique drywall trims, reveals, coves and accessories.

Acoustical Ceilings

Mulkey Enterprises has extensive experience installing many types of acoustical ceiling systems from all manufactures. We install acoustical ceilings in exterior and interior applications, in high moisture and sound sensitive areas and in laboratories and operating rooms.

Mulkey is also experienced in high end, specific applications including metal panels, finished wood and glass reinforced gypsum ceilings.

Specialty Finishes

Mulkey Enterprises installs glass reinforced gypsum (GRG), glass reinforced concrete (GRC), interior and exterior fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), acoustical fabric panels and wall and ceiling absorbers/diffusers.